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The mix&match alternative
A turn-key solution for professional yacht owners aiming to leverage on the Istion competitive package of charter brokerage services and specialized yacht operation, through strategic partnerships within a broad network of partners worldwide.

The Flex Open Plan Program remunerates in the form of a percentage (70%) on the turnover on the charter contract value realized by the yacht on a performance-based income basis. The owner retains the option to choose if they will be leveraging Istion’s Management & Professional Care and Phase-Out Brokerage Services, while at the same time, enjoying the advantage of unlimited sailing either for charters or private sailing!

  • Silver Membership in Istion World Club
  • Phase-out Brokerage by Istion
  • Early Termination: At yearly intervals (end of year)
  • Available Yacht Brands: All brands upon agreement

Interested in our Flex Open Plan Program? Contact our management team!