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CNB Yachts

Celebrated for over 35 years as a pinnacle in monohull craftsmanship, CNB epitomizes a harmonious blend of classical elegance and modern innovation. Originating from Bordeaux in 1987, CNB has continually set the standard in yacht design, building vessels that are not only visually timeless but also exemplify outstanding performance and seaworthiness. Their commitment to innovation is evident in their mantra of building yachts 'by sailors for sailors', ensuring each yacht is a fusion of superb performance and enduring design.

Istion Yachting takes immense pride in representing CNB Yachts in Greece, a partnership that aligns perfectly with our ethos of offering only the finest sailing experiences. CNB's unique design philosophy, focusing on creating 'one-of-a-kind' yachts, ideally resonates with our commitment to providing bespoke sailing solutions. Each CNB yacht is an artistic creation in itself and we are thrilled to bring this exquisite blend of tradition and innovation to our discerning clients.