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Omikron Yachts

Omikron Yachts, a distinguished shipyard in Greece, has recently undergone an extensive renovation, catapulting it into the forefront of modern and high-quality yacht production. Their latest creation, the OT-60 motor-yacht, embodies a unique vision in yacht design. It marks a return to the traditional Eastern Mediterranean seagoing style, blending the peaceful, easy-going essence of sailing with the comfort and spaciousness of a power yacht.

The design of the OT-60 offers a simpler yet profound approach to yachting. Inside, the yacht features a spacious open-concept layout, emphasizing comfort and privacy. The efficient and compact engines are tailored for Mediterranean cruising, ensuring a considerable range while minimizing environmental impact. This blend of traditional aesthetics and modern amenities makes the OT-60 a prime example of Omikron Yachts' commitment to excellence and innovation, a commitment we at Istion Yachting are proud to represent.