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Sail with Ease, Earn with Convenience!
Free from worries placing the yacht under the backing of Istion Yacht Charter management and operational services. Istion Premium-Flex Yacht Owner offers exceptional flexibility and cost effectiveness, granting you unlimited use.
Let us undertake to promote the yacht, while you receive 70% of the net rental rate of each booking. Your income is adjusted after deducting annual maintenance operations and other applicable charges. The more the yacht is chartered the greater the expected Owner’s income.

YACHT Brand New Fully Equipped

All latest models from the world's leading Brands

SAIL BEFORE ΥOU DECIDE Trial charters to choose your yacht
LOCATION Greece & Croatia
OWNER'S PAYMENT 15% upon the order and 85% prior to delivery
from the shipyard
OWNER'S EXTRA BENEFITS "W" the Istion World Club membership
OWNER'S EXPENSES/RUNNING COST All the significant costs for yacht maintenance, berthing, winterization, operation are covered
by the income generated from charter bookings.
OWNERS INCOME/PROFIT Owner is remunerated with 70% of the net charter income for each booking, while Istion retains 30%
for charter management services.
YACHT CHARTER MANAGEMENT & OPERATION For a yearly fixed fee, depending on each type
of yacht, Istion assumes the full Operational
and Financial Tasks of the yacht, ensuring full
transparency in all aspects of her financial and absolute condition.
PROGRAM DURATION Flexibility to terminate the program at any time (provided that all confirmed bookings have been fullfilled)
OPTIONS AT EXPIRY • Trade in for new, or
• Phase-out Brokerage by Istion
• Sail the world on your own yacht

Sail and test different models before you decide
Charter any boat so you may choose which one suits your preference best, then redeem your full charter value as a discount on yacht purchase price.

Purchase a brand new and fully equipped yacht
Choose the yacht that best suits you from a list of carefully selected models from leading yards, all optimally equipped to the highest standard based on our over 30-years of experience as a leading charter operator.

Yacht Payment
Pay 15% upon the order and 85% upon the yacht’s delivery notice from the shipyard and acquire immediately full ownership title.

Enjoy Unlimited Weeks of Sailing each season
Enjoy your yacht as a proud Owner or sail with any equivalent yacht from ISTION fleet both in Croatian and Greek breathtaking destinations. Extensive Owner’s use reduces charter bookings, therefore the income generated from bookings.

Take pleasure In “W” the Istion World Owners’ Club membership
The Istion World Owners’ Club is the exclusive club for ISTION Yacht Owners with numerous perks and privileges for its members including Yacht Ownership Consulting / Club member discounts on yacht charter bookings worldwide / VIP Charter Services / Exclusive updates on the industry’s news & developments / Invitations for new yacht model presentations & sea trials / Invitations & admission vouchers for Boat Shows attended by ISTION around the globe / Invitations to ISTION Social Events & Celebrations.

Owner’s Income 
The owner receives 70% of the Net Charter Income for each booking, from charter proceeds the owner finances all the significant costs in relation to yacht day to day operations. Istion is remunerated with a brokerage fee up to 30% (comprises all contracting parties i.e. central agent and sub-agents) of the net charter value corresponding to the promotion and marketing of the yacht and a fully integrated charter management.

Relax with worry-free full management of your yacht and gain high return on yacht value
Escape any worries of operating, chartering and managing a yacht as we undertake all requirements for the entire duration of the program. From insurance to berthing, maintenance, winterization, safekeeping, operation and charter management of your yacht ISTION fully assumes all financial and operational aspects ensuring fully transparency. All costs are financed by income generated from charter bookings, always assuring that she is maintained at the highest standards for outmost reliability that not only commit the yacht’s pristine condition so as to gain more bookings but also preserves her resale value. Owner has instant access to yacht’s books and records, being capable of monitoring the performance and the corresponding revenues-costs / yacht value ratio, which in any case ranges from 9% - 12% annual return on investment yacht.

Program Exit
The owner has the privilege to terminate their participation in the program at any given time, on the condition that all confirmed bookings have been successfully fulfilled. However, the owner always have the option to utilize our sales brokerage services to sell the yacht.

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